Flood Repair Information

Repairing Your Flooded Home

Steps you should know:

  1. Remove your damaged material – wall coverings, flooring, furniture, and insulation. Be sure to check the insulation under the first floor if you live in a house with a crawl space.
  2. Apply to the city for a permit – you will need the application, the HCAD page for your home, and a scope of work or bid for the repairs. The HCAD page can be found [here].
  3. Permits will be sorted by the City. Some permits can be issued the same day. Others will need further review. In most cases, applicants will receive a response in 3-5 days, notifying them of their next step.  
  4. No fees will be assessed for permits. Once the permit is approved and issued, reconstruction may begin. Depending upon the scope of your reconstruction, the City will advise as to the final inspection.
  5. Once reconstruction and all inspections are complete, you may re-occupy your home.

For a list of frequently asked questions, please click here.

To better understand the Flood Permit Assessment Process, please click here.

If you need more information, FEMA has prepared this pamphlet about repairing your damaged home:


The following sections may be particularly useful: 

Pg 24: “Cleanup”

Pg 14: “Drying out your home”

Pg 32: “Rebuilding and flood proofing”

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact the City Permit Office at

 713-662-8230 or inspections@bellairetx.gov