2023/2024 Comprehensive Plan Review

Draft Comprehensive Plan

The DRAFT Comprehensive Plan is now available online. Draft Comprehensive Plan

Please send us your ideas and comments anytime. Comprehensive Plan Comments

2024 Activities

  • 1/31  Joint Workshop scheduled for Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council to review and discuss Plan content and next steps.
  • 2/7  Open House at Bellaire Civic Center 6 p.m.
  • 2/12 Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing
  • 2/27 Commercial stakeholder targeted meeting at Bellaire City Hall (all stakeholders welcome)
  • 2/27 Residential stakeholder targeted open house at Evelyn's Park (all stakeholders welcome)
  • 3/7 Anticipated Planning and Zoning Commission consideration on recommendation to City Council
  • 3/18 Anticipated City Council Public Hearing
  • 4/1 Anticipated City Council consideration of Comprehensive Plan


Below are videos and presentations from the consultant and staff about the Comprehensive Plan review.