Council Member Gus E. Pappas - Position 3


Council Member Gus E. PappasI was born in Arahoba, Greece, a tiny little village nestled in the mountainous region of the Peloponese Peninsula known as Arkadia. I am told that our family actually came from the southern part of the Peloponese, (called Laconia, which most people know or will recognize as the ancient city state of Sparta).

Whether we came from the rugged region of Arkadia or Sparta, there is no crying in the Pappas household. Our life centers around our family, celebrating our Greek heritage in this great land called America, (in which all dreams are not given or handed out, but can all be made), honor, integrity, education and the fulfillment of why God put us here, to pursue happiness and the accomplishment of things, great and small alike, which is the true source of all joy.

In 1964, I came to America as a two and one-half year old child, after being adopted from my family into my family. Those things were done in those days, except in this case, it literally took an Act of Congress to accomplish. Although I frequently go back to Greece to vacation, along with my wife, Pamela, also of Greek origin and descent, and my three girls, Elena (24), Lexi (20) and Demi (14), once here, I never looked back, always seeking to give thanks for the privilege of being here and the opportunities that this country offers, through a commitment to charitable endeavors, civic duty, and personal and professional growth.


In the interest of brevity, I will bullet point some of my personal experiences.

  • We are 19-year Bellaire residents;
  • I was a Volunteer Coach for Bellaire Youth Sports for many years;
  • Active Member Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral ("AGOC");
  • 29 years practicing trial attorney, and now with the law firm of Dabney Pappas;
  • I frequently speak/teach at the "People's Law School" at University of Houston Law Center;
  • I was Chairman of the AGOC Redevelopment Committee regarding its two-block physical plant, and currently serve as a member of the Sanctuary Construction Committee;
  • Board Member AGOC for over 10 years, Officer;
  • Houston Young Lawyers Association - President 1998-99, Board Member 7 years; and
  • Alumni Association Member - South Texas College of Law.

Vision for Bellaire

With three years on the Bellaire City Council under my belt, I remain committed to building the infrastructure we need for the future of Bellaire, which includes maintaining our well-trained and respected police force and fire department, as well as maintaining the strong brand that our town enjoys so that people know when they enter Bellaire, not only by its red street signs and improved signage, but, by the feel and look that envelops them, e.g., its parks, homes, businesses, and facilities, in coordination with the vision of what we want our city to look like in the next fifty years. Bellaire is a dynamic small town in the middle of a large city. I am proud to be a part and help shape its future.


University of Houston, Houston, Texas, Bachelor of Business Administration, May 1984
Major: Marketing
South Texas College of Law, Houston, J.D., May 1988;
Order of the Barrister, National Moot Court Champion


Wife, Pamela Pappas, Attorney, Locke Lord LLP

Daughters, Elena, South Texas College of Law, Houston; Lexi, University of Texas at Austin; and Demi, Bellaire High School


Playing recreationally competitive basketball, hunting, sailing, Greek folk dancing and I am a perennial Dance Instruction for the "Greek Festival" in Houston.

Current Term

January 8, 2018 - January 3, 2022

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