Flood Insurance Rate Maps

Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)

Flood Insurance Rate Maps are issued by FEMA to identify different levels of flood risks. The Flood Insurance Rate Maps are primarily used for flood insurance purposes, but they also provide a basis for Bellaire to regulate development within those areas. The location of a property relative to certain flood zones indicates what restrictions may be placed on new and substantially improved construction. FEMA’s Flood Insurance and Flood Maps explains the different flood zones.

Flood Insurance Rate Maps are available for viewing through the links listed below, at the Building Department located at 7008 South Rice, or directly through FEMA's Map Service Center. The links listed below are the Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Flood Insurance Studies issued for the City of Bellaire. The maps used by the city for compliance purposes (and those used by insurance agents) are the most recent (June 18, 2007); however, it is helpful for citizens to have access to all the maps to know what flood zone was in effect at the time of construction.