Can I fax a completed application for employment?

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1. What jobs can I apply for?
2. What positions are currently available?
3. Can I apply for a job that isn't advertised now?
4. How can I obtain a job application form?
5. Can I apply online?
6. Can I fax a completed application for employment?
7. Can I leave anything blank on my application?
8. Should I turn in a resume with my application?
9. How do I know if I am qualified for the job?
10. If I meet minimum qualifications will I be interviewed?
11. May I send a resume instead of an application form?
12. Can I apply for a City of Bellaire job by email?
13. What is meant when a position is "open until filled"?
14. Who may I contact about the status of my job application?
15. If I'm not hired, will you keep my application on file for future vacancies?
16. What happens if I just send a resume for your reference in case there's a job opening meeting my qualifications?
17. I don't want to miss my chance to apply. Do I need to check the Job Postings every day?
18. Do I have to take a drug test to become an employee of the City of Bellaire?
19. Are all employees eligible for benefits?
20. Does the City of Bellaire have a Retirement Plan?
21. Does the City participate in Social Security and Medicare?
22. Where is the Human Resources office located?