How do I borrow e-books from the library?

Digital books, digital audiobooks, comics, and movies are available for loan through Overdrive and Hoopla apps with just your Bellaire City Library card. Your library card must be current and not have a fine of $10.00 or greater. There is no cost to borrowing e-books and there are never any fines.

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1. How do I borrow e-books from the library?
2. Do I have to have my library card to check out library books?
3. My movies and books are due today. Will I be charged an overdue if I put them in the bookdrop?
4. Are fines charged on the weekend and holidays?
5. Can I return my books and movies to any library?
6. Is there a fax machine available?
7. I've lost or had my library card stolen what do I do now?
8. What if I lose my book or movie?