Why is my utility bill unusually high this month?

An unusually high utility bill might be caused by a leak or increased use of an irrigation system. We recommend all customers register for our free online resident utility portal which enables customers to see their water usage in real time, see bill estimates based on current water usage, and receive customized alerts regarding abnormal usage and potential leaks. Go to the Resident Utility Portal to register. The City has developed a Leak Detection and Water Conservation Guide which may be helpful in determining if you have a leak and how to identify the source of the leak.  If you did have a high water bill due to a leak, you should know the City does not reduce water bills due to leaks or any type of pool filling. The account holder is responsible for all water that has passed through and registered on the meter. If you still have questions on your bill, you can contact the Utility Billing office between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays, at 713-662-8253 or utilitybill@bellairetx.gov.

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25. Why is my utility bill unusually high this month?