What is the mosquito spray schedule?

The Mosquito Control Program uses environmentally friendly fog to control mosquito populations in Bellaire. Spraying in Bellaire beings when Harris County Mosquito Control begins to spray. Typically this begins in June and lasts until October. The City may spray earlier or later to reduce mosquito populations. 

The spraying occurs weekly as follows: Tuesday nights after 10:00 pm all areas inside and outside Loop 610 

The spraying cycle can be adjusted due to weather or other conditions. 

The City offers a “No Spray Request” for its citizens who do not want the spraying to occur near their home. Please click here for a "No Spray Request Form" or contact the Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department to request the “No Spray Request” form.  If you have questions about the mosquito spray schedule, contact the Parks Superintendent by phone at 713-662-8285 or 713-662-8280.

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