What are the requirements for starting new water, sewer, garbage and recycling service?

Owner/tenant applicants must know who they are buying/renting the property from to initiate service. Applicants must go to the Utility Billing service window and fill out a contract in person. If the home is a new build construction or if you are tenant, you must have of Certificate of Occupancy issued by City of Bellaire Permits Department prior to moving into the home and prior to establishing a City of Bellaire utility account. There is a $90 service fee and a deposit due at time of service request. The deposits are: owner - $50, tenant - $100, and commercial - $100. Owner and tenant deposits are refundable (applied as an account credit) after 12 consecutive months of good pay history. Commercial deposits are released upon termination of account if the account is paid in full.

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1. Where is the Utility Billing service window?
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5. What are the requirements for starting new water, sewer, garbage and recycling service?
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