Proposition 1 - Streets, Drainage & Sidewalks

Program Background

Over the last century Bellaire residents have suffered from numerous severe storms. Recent major storms, such as the 2015 Memorial Day event and the 2016 Tax Day event, continue to highlight the need for proactive drainage improvements that go beyond a typical storm event (commonly referred to as a 2-year storm event). Additionally, the City must consider issues outside our city limits which negatively impact citizens when a flood event occurs, such as the limited capacity of Brays Bayou.

Ongoing engineering studies have identified streets in need of rehabilitation, and some are beyond maintenance and in need of reconstruction. The 2013 Pavement Assessment categorized approximately 70 lane miles (44% of the City's total roadways) of Bellaire streets as unacceptable.

Basis for Program

The program will continue the City's practice to design and construct streets and drainage concurrently in one project with sidewalks to be installed on at least one side of the street. Prioritization of streets will be based on adequacy of the existing drainage system, the pavement condition, the lots served by street reconstruction and drainage improvements, traffic, and open ditch systems.

Proposed Budget

The total budget for replacing streets, drainage and sidewalks is $24.00 million. Over 3 to 4 years, $24.00 million has been allocated to cover street replacement projects with drainage and sidewalk improvements included.

Proposed Schedule

Design of the first project will begin once funding is received and construction will follow thereafter. Approximately one street/drainage/sidewalk project for multiple locations can be anticipated. Affected residents will be notified prior to each project's commencement.