Personal Training

The City of Bellaire has contracted instructors that teach Personal Training programs by appointment. If you are interested in personal training, please reach out to an instructor below!

If you are interested in teaching a program in the City of Bellaire, please reach out to Grant Haynes at 713-662-8282 or Email Grant Haynes

Personal Training with Jill Schoeffler

Jill is a certified personal trainer with the ACSM and a certified group fitness instructor with the AFAA. Her interest in strength training, balance and core started at a young age as dance student. Today, she applies the experience and discipline of her youth with the knowledge of her formal education into a passion for helping others achieve short- and long-term goals. She believes that fitness and health are not a size, number, nor finite time frame. Rather, fitness and health are a positive way of living that enhance who we are, how we feel and how we act and react to others and ourselves. The result is improved confidence and mood, balance, posture and strength in addition to better doctor’s exams, lab work and immunity with an overall heightened sense of happiness and purpose.

Who can benefit from personal training

EVERYONE! Women and men of ALL ages who seek to improve their health and improve their fitness level – no matter where they are in their current walk of life. Jill works with clients that range from their twenties to eighties and even those with special needs

Pricing per session

$65 for an individual OR $90 for couple/buddy session

  • 45-55 minute sessions
  • Clients select a weekly schedule of 1-3 sessions. Clients are expected to maintain a weekly minimum of 1 session per week/4-5 sessions per month. This commitment helps maintain focus, create momentum, and establish consistency for goal actualization.

Contact Jill Schoeffler at (832) 489-8212 or for more information!

Personal Training with Leah Freeman

Leah Freeman is a highly sought-after Women's Fitness Professional with specialized degrees and certifications in both Fitness and Women's Health and Wellness! All of the traditional exercise components are available in her knowledge base and even more awesome is her ability to focus on all of those protocols specifically unique to WOMEN!

  • Breast Cancer Recovery Exercises
  • Functional Training for Seniors
  • Meditative Yoga / Pilates
  • Osteoporosis Preventative Exercises
  • Pelvic Floor and Core Strengthening
  • Repetitive Stress / Strain
  • Stretch Therapy
  • All traditional toning / cardio exercises

The 30 minute sessions are personally crafted to meet YOUR specific health and exercise needs while at the same time keeping the importance of time efficiency in mind for your busy schedule! In-person and online/virtual options are available. 

Pricing per 30 minute session

Individual Private Session: $60

Small Group Session: $50/person

Contact Leah Freeman at 713-303-3565 or for more information!

Personal Training with Leah Freeman