2023 Proposition A

Special Election to Authorize the Sale of Ruffino Hills - FAQs

  1. What is Ruffino Hills? A 72.5-acre piece of land owned by the City of Bellaire outside the City limits near I-59 and Beltway 8 along Ruffino Road in the City of Houston.
  2. What was it used for? Initially, it was a municipal landfill site for the cities of Bellaire and West University Place. It was closed, and the Bellaire portion (72.5 acres) was re-developed and leased as a golf course operated by a private company in the ’90s and early 2000s. After the golf course closed, a fourteen-acre section of the property was leased and used as a municipal waste transfer station.
  3. Has West University Place sold its part of the property? The City of West University Place recently sold its portion to the City of Houston for $10.5 million for regional stormwater detention in Keegan’s watershed.
  4. Why do Bellaire residents have to vote to authorize the City Council to sell this land? The property was dedicated as parkland when the City of Bellaire leased the property for the golf course. By state law, we are required to ask the voters to approve the sale of any parkland.
  5. Does the City of Bellaire have a buyer for the property? No. We are in talks with the City of Houston and have also been considering interest from private developers.
  6. If the City sells the land, what will they do with the money? Funds received from the sale would be able to be used to augment City revenues for municipal purchases.