Crime Profiles

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Bellaire Police Department

Patrol Division Crime Profiles

Profile Generation

Crime Profiles are generated by Bellaire Police Department Officers that investigate various offenses in the course of their duties. When appropriate, Officers complete the Crime Profile with concise information concerning the offense and information on any potential suspects. The Officer then distributes the Crime Profile by way of email to all Officers in the Department and often to other police Agencies.


The purpose of Crime Profiles is to insure that all officers are provided with information on certain offenses when there may be a description of possible suspect(s) or possible suspects' vehicle. Due to Officers working various shifts and days, timely distribution of such information is critical.

Profile Edits

The Crime Profiles on our website have been edited to insure the privacy of victims and to avoid compromising ongoing investigations. Crime Profiles are released to provide the community with information on reported criminal activity and possible suspects in the City of Bellaire. The information released in Crime Profiles is similar to information that is capable of release to news organizations.

Contact Police

Should a citizen see what they believe is a suspect or suspect vehicle listed in a Crime Profile they are not to investigate, contact, or approach the suspect in any way.  If such a situation should arise, you are asked to call the Bellaire Police Department and report your sighting to the Department, but do not take any other action.

The release of Crime Profile information is a trial project and should the release of this information appear to be of little value to the community or compromise police operations, the project will be modified or discontinued.

Any questions should be directed to Chief Byron Holloway at 713-662-8123 or email