Bellaire Police Department


The staff of the Bellaire Police Department is dedicated to providing professional policing services to the Bellaire community and citizens that visit and work in our city every day. Through innovative partnerships with the community and businesses we strive to make the City of Bellaire a safer place to live, visit, and work.

Mission Statement

The dedicated professionals of The Bellaire Police Department, in cooperation with the citizens of Bellaire, shall strive to provide a secure and viable community through:

  • The protection of the fundamental rights of all people
  • Open communication and alliance with citizens
  • The promotion of pride and trust through the continual performance of responsibility, honesty, integrity, and discipline
  • Active recruitment, development, and retention of quality personnel
  • Proactive innovation to anticipate and meet the challenge of our changing environment

Vision Statement

As a premier law enforcement organization the Bellaire Police Department’s vision is for the City of Bellaire to be the safest community in the area by blending excellence in policing with community partnerships.

Values Statement

Service - We provide quality service to all. We understand the expectations of us as professionals and accept those high standards in the delivery of services. We are accountable for our actions to ourselves as well as the community we serve. We recognize and accept the responsibility that comes with our authority as peace officers.

Honor - We will honor our community, our government, and our Department by our actions, reflecting strong character as well as practicing the values of our Department. We are honest and forthright in all our dealings. We are loyal to our community, our profession, our Department, and to ourselves. Our loyalty is for the greater good and not self-serving. We respect all persons and their rights.

Courage - We will act with courage in the face of danger. We will have courage in our decision making, ensuring that we act in an ethical manner with integrity and compassion.

Helpful Information


Visit the Bellaire Police and Fire Foundation website and show your support for the Bellaire Police and Fire Departments.