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Online Police Report

Welcome to the Bellaire Police Department's Online Police Report Form. The purpose of this form is to allow Bellaire citizens to conveniently file police reports from home, work, or anywhere with Internet access. After completing the necessary information, and you will be able to email the report for your records. By submitting this report you should expect a telephone call back from a member of the Bellaire Police Department to complete gathering information.

This web site should never be used to report an emergency, a crime in progress, or any type of injury. For emergencies, call 9-1-1. For any other situation that requires the response of a police officer, call 713-668-0487.

Before continuing, you should be aware that it is a crime to make a false police report. You should also know that this form CAN ONLY be used to report a limited, specific set of crimes (as listed below *) and only under certain conditions. (We will be adding additional crime categories in the future).

* This form CAN ONLY be used to report:

• Theft (Up to $5,000 in total value, Non-vehicle Related) with no suspects or witnesses. If the total value of items is greater than $5,000, you cannot use this form. (Example: Your bicycle is stolen from your front yard.)

• Criminal Mischief (up to $5,000 in damage, Non-vehicle Related) - Non-vehicle Related (such as vandalism or property damage) with no suspects and no witnesses. (Example: Someone intentionally damaged your property.)

• Identity Theft 

• Package Theft

• Fraud

And, you CAN ONLY use this form if:

• You have access to a valid, functioning e-mail address and phone number.

• You are the actual victim of the theft, loss, or criminal mischief (not a witness, relative, friend, etc.)

This form CANNOT be used if:

• The Crime / Loss / Incident occurred outside the city limits of Bellaire, Texas.

• Any evidence exists (such as fingerprints, burglary tools left at the scene, any type of evidence, or anything that must be collected or processed by the police.)

• Suspect information exists (such as a license plate number, surveillance photos, or a physical description of the suspect.)

• An emergency exists. (In an emergency, dial 9-1-1.)

• If any type of force or break-in occurred (Contact 713-668-0487) to report burglary or burglary of a motor vehicle).

• If any injuries occurred.

• This form CANNOT be used to report a stolen vehicle (Contact 713-668-0487) to report auto theft).

Your responses to the questions on the next several screens will help ensure that your incident is eligible for an online police report.

After reading the above CLICK HERE TO FILE POLICE REPORT