Home Safe Bellaire

The Bellaire Police Department offers the Home Safe Bellaire program for anyone who may not be able to speak to emergency personnel for various physical/mental challenges (i.e., Autism, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome, etc.) that live in the City of Bellaire.

If the person is registered with the program and is found wandering, officers can look for their information in the computer database.  Using the person’s physical description and photograph, officers can determine who they are, where they live, and contact a caregiver.  In addition, if a person goes missing and has already been registered, their picture and description is immediately available to officers.  

To register for Home Safe Bellaire or for additional information, please contact Officer JW Edwards at 713.662.8103 or email: jedwards@bellairepolice.com 

Please print and complete the form below and bring it to the Bellaire Police Department (5110 Jessamine) with a current picture of the person you wish to register.  Officers can take a picture at the police department if one is needed, or you can make an appointment for an officer to come to your house to complete registration. 


Officer and child talking