Use of Force Reports

The Texas Police Chiefs Association Best Practices Program requires that agencies conduct a use of force analysis for the preceding year. This analysis compels departments to review reported use of force incidents to determine if force is being used disproportionately against a certain group or class and if there is an officer or officers that is/are in need of retraining. This analysis is also required to be made available for public review.

2019 Review

Click the link below to access the 2019 Use of Force Review. The review shows that force (defined as force greater than a firm grip during handcuffing or isolated soft hand movements intended to gain compliance) was used 17 times in 2019. No patterns or behaviors were uncovered that indicated officers were not following department policy; rather, in all instances the involved officer’s supervisor concurred that the force used was appropriate and ceased when the involved subjects complied.

2020 Use of Force Review

2019 Use of Force Review