Wrecker Information

Wrecker Permit Renewals and Inspections

The City of Bellaire is now accepting applications from those wishing to renew an existing permit or obtain an emergency wrecker permit for the City of Bellaire.

All current City of Bellaire Wrecker Permits expires on February 15, 2023.  If any permits are not renewed by that date, they will be placed in the pool of available permits for anyone who wants to apply for one.  

Effective with the 2023 permits, permits may only be placed on wreckers owned by the applicant/permit holder.  If a wrecker operator or company has been using permit(s) issued to someone else, they are encouraged to apply for their own permit(s).

You may download the permit application, extra copies of the inspection form, and the wrecker license (pocket license) application by clicking on the below links. All forms must be completed neatly, accurately, and completely. Unreadable, inaccurate, and incomplete applications and forms will not be accepted.

After completing the wrecker permit application, contact Lt Kerr at 713-662-8268 for further instructions.

After completing the wrecker license (pocket license) take the application and fee to the Courts window at the Bellaire Police Department, pay the fee, then take the application and receipt to the Communications window and present it to a Communications Officer.

Fees (Effective October 1, 2022)

  1. Auto Wrecker - Each E-Tag: $466.00
  2. Pocket License (Per Driver):   $50.00
  3. Permit Transfer: $50.00

 Vehicles Towed to Bellaire PD Impound

If you have towed a vehicle that was taken to the Bellaire PD impound lot and wish to be paid for that service, you must complete a Federal W-9 form and attach it to the invoice and tow slip and turn it in to Lt Kerr.  No towing invoice will be paid without the W-9 form completed and attached.  You may download a copy of the W-9 below. 

(The pink copy of the Bellaire Tow slip and the towing company’s tow slip is NOT considered an invoice.)