Department History

The 1st unofficial law enforcement officer of the City of Bellaire was Leroy Coats who walked the route he guarded. This was the early years of 1900. In those days the marshals were appointed and their main job was to keep straying cattle out of Bellaire. Among other 1st marshals were W.C. Minson and a man named Callahan.

Leroy Coates and Caesar

Multiple Responsibilities

W.A. Erdman served as the 1st Fire Marshal and City Marshall, and was followed by B.C. Ely in 1937. Ely served in this capacity until 1942. At the same time he was also Water Superintendent, Plumbing Inspector, Building Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Cattle Officer and Dog Catcher. Mrs. Ely was the 1st woman dispatcher as she took calls for Ely when he was out.

In 1945 Henry Rosnosky became marshal and he was followed by W.L. Fuller in 1946.

Police Establishment

An ordinance was passed on July 28, 1947, abolishing the office of the City Marshal of the City of Bellaire and providing for and regulating a police department by the City of Bellaire. On August 4, 1947 J.H. Carrigan was appointed the Chief of Police.

Carrigan was followed by John Hlavaty on September 21, 1949.

In 1952 Jack O'Brian became chief and he served that post for the next 8 years. During those 8 years the force grew from 6 to 24. It was during this time that the next chief, Joseph P. Court joined the force. O'Brian resigned in December of 1960 to go to Texarkana.

Court was appointed acting chief when O'Brian resigned and was appointed chief on July 1961. John H. Wheatley, then 21 years old joined the force.

Court resigned from the force about a year later to go into the carpet business. William E. Hamilton was appointed chief June 4, 1962 and remained chief until July 30, 1973 when he resigned and Wheatley became chief. Wheatly retired in 1977 and Jerry H. Loftin became chief. Loftin retired in 1996 and Randall Mack became chief until he retired on April 24th, 2012.

Police Chiefs

1st Chief (Town Marshall)

Chief J.H. Carrigan resigned September 21, 1949

Chief J.H. Carrigan

Chief John Hlavaty (no photo) September 21, 1949 to December 24, 1951

Chief Jack O'Brien June 4, 1952 to December 13, 1960

Chief Jack O'Brien

Chief J.P.Court July 17, 1961 to February 22, 1962

Chief J.P. Court

Chief W.E. Hamilton June 4, 1962 to July 31, 1973

Chief W.E. Hamilton

Chief John Wheatley July 30, 1973 to March 10, 1977

Chief John Wheatley

Chief J.H. Loftin June 20, 1977 to December 20, 1996

Chief J.H. Loftin

Chief Randall Mack December 23, 1996 to April 24, 2012

Chief Randall Mack