Department Information

Vision Statement

The Bellaire Police Department is a committed team of problem-solvers working to identify innovative ways to address the root causes of crime and disorder. We aim to foster a culture of trust, respect, and transparency founded on service to create a safer and more welcoming environment for all.

Mission Statement

The professional and dedicated members of the Bellaire Police Department work to provide a safer community through the relentless pursuit of excellence, innovative problem-solving, and community service guided by our department's Core Values of Service, Honor, and Courage.

With a deep commitment to public trust, compassion, equality, and justice, we serve and protect our community through positive interactions and diligent enforcement of the law. Our organization values and empowers its employees by encouraging personal and professional growth, comprehensive training, and promoting teamwork, leadership, and camaraderie.

We believe in portraying a positive image of our department and our city through networking, empathy, and developing public partnerships to improve the community we serve.